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My half marathon post

Posted on: June 9, 2010

Well I did it.  I actually ran a half marathon.  I use the term ran lightly.   Once I actually got across the start line (that took 55 minutes) I had to go to the bathroom.  I stopped at the first set of porta potties.  That took about 3 minutes of waiting and doing.  After that I was off.

My knees and hips were still giving me trouble but I pushed through.  My pace was slower than I would have liked but I was going.  The race was pretty uneventful until mile 5.  This was a gradual up hill for a mile or more.  Not only was it up hill the road was tilted.  That makes running difficult.  It was during this mile that my knees and hips started screaming with pain and I knew it wasn’t going to be a pretty finish.  I kept running though.

Fast forward to mile 9.  I couldn’t do it anymore.  I had to stop to walk.  I thought a short walk break to give my knees a break and no problem.  I ended up walking a half mile and running a half mile the remainder of the race.  I was crying in pain I was crying in disappointment.  I knew I wasn’t going to meet my time goal.  I wanted to just give up.  There were so many encouraging people along the race course.  I kept going.

I crossed the finish line in 3:00:55.  I am angry at that 55 seconds.  My goal was under 3 hours and I just missed it.  Very frustrating.  The bands on the course were really good as well as the spectator support.  Plenty of water stations.

I will do another half and I will do better!


2 Responses to "My half marathon post"

You did it! You have it under your belt, you know what it feels like. And it will make you appreciate the flat Marshall course 🙂 !

Yes I think I will be doing the half and not the full though.

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