Let them run and eat cake

It’s love that makes the girl get up and walk

Posted on: June 22, 2010

I am taking a page from my friend Krissie’s blog and using a song lyric as my title.  The song is called “Fairytale” by The Courtyard Hounds.  I love love love this song.  My favorite part is “Money can burn and money can talk but it’s love that makes the girl get up and walk”.  I just love it.  I am going to buy there CD one of these days.

Jack Johnson is another one of my favorites and I am really digging his new song “You and your heart”. I will also be purchasing his new album soon. His music just makes me happy when I listen to it.  Another song that for some odd reason when I hear it makes my day is “Benny and the Jets”.  Don’t ask me why because I have no explanation.

The other album I have my eye on is Jewel’s  “Sweet and Wild”.   The first single “Stay Here Forever” is really good.  Just thought I would share some of my current musical interest.

On an unrelated note I had a bad nights sleep and am really sleepy.  I had a weird, scary and disturbing dream and it took me until about 5:30 to get back to sleep and the alarm goes of at 6:20.  Yuck.  Alright friends have a great day.


2 Responses to "It’s love that makes the girl get up and walk"

You know Elton makes you smile because of marching band! Even though that song wasn’t in the show.

Banana Pancakes makes me smile like few other songs can. I love some Jack.

And last night? I had a dream that Neil Patrick Harris moved into my grandparents’ house on Coal Branch. And just like boys did in high school, he flirted with me a lot to get to my best friend. The dream ended with him asking me, “so would Nathan go out with me?” yeah, that got a laugh.

Have a great one, friend!

I love Banana Pancakes. When I saw him in concert he forgot the words to it. That made me laugh.

That dream I would have woken up laughing. I had dreams of demons and demonic possession. Creepy.

You have a great day as well.

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