Let them run and eat cake

Self Sabotage

Posted on: July 8, 2010

Why is it when I start to get back on track with eating better and working out I ruin it. Yesterday started out good with some yogurt and fruit crisp bars.  Then for lunch it was a BLT with potato chips then a pralines and cream cupcake.  Then 2 servings of pasta a couple rolls and nutter butters later I am disgusted with myself.  I was worn out and didn’t even exercise.  Why do I do this?  Is it that I don’t feel good enough about myself ?  Is it stress?   The sad thing is I didn’t feel like I was even over eating.  I was starving.  Before you ask no I am not pregnant I tested and it was negative.  HELP!


2 Responses to "Self Sabotage"

I’m not one to make or accept excuses, but here’s what I think is true for me. When it’s hot, I don’t want to exercise. When I don’t exercise, I eat more because I’m a) bored and b) frustrated that I didn’t exercise. And that leads to eating.

Today is a new day, my friend. Be good to yourself!

I think I know my issues and I just have to let my body get it together.

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